Leenan Head…for sale

DSC02672 (3)
Leenan Head, this summer in Newfoundland

Since more than 15 years Leenan Head makes the turn of the Atlantic regularly, in spite of her 110 years. Hundreds of team-members, meetings and beautiful stories took life thanks to Leenan Head.

Our zulu could still sail well of the kind during decades, but we fell in love with the ices and we want to spend there more time…and this with a new boat.

If you could adapt Leenan Head to transform her into polar hero? For sure, she’s able to do the job. She had already visit the Spitzberg or the North of Newfoundland. But, by respect for what she represents as an historical heritage, we do not wish “to transform it”.

Whereas we must pass this autumn and winter 2015-2016 to Colombia and in Panama we returned to Europe because Leenan Head was sold. Its new crew had a completely adapted plan: coastal traffic from Brittany towards the west of Europe. A few months of navigation later, delivering the boat in Brittany as agreed, the purchaser inform us that he has change his mind.

Then we give again Leenan Head on sale.

For you, who dreamed to live on board such a boat with your family,
For you who are passionated of old riggings and feel to constitute an association to continue to make live Leenan Head,
For you who would like to continue what we already undertook…

We will be there for procurement, because Leenan Head still has beautiful years in front of her…

Then, if you are interested, feel free to call us to the +33(0)680606132 for an appointment. We are in France, close to Brest until the beginning of 2016, and will be charmed to meet you!

Un commentaire

  1. Hello All 🙂 So you have made it home safe 🙂 I hope that you enjoyed your time in Newfoundland.

    So Leenan Head is for sale, hmm. Not that I can get her at this time, yet if you like to share the asking price, one will never know 😉

    It was a please to meet you All and maybe we will see each other again on the high seas.

    Craig 🙂

    Craig G. Lewis


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